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For surfers

With Boost Fin

  • Catch 3x more waves
  • Minimal paddling required
  • Stay out longer in the water
  • Enhanced stability and support

Without Boost Fin

  • Fewer waves caught due to lack of muscle stamina
  • Exhausting paddles back to the lineup
  • Limited sessions due to physical exhaustion
  • More challenging for beginners or those needing extra support

For paddle boarders

With Boost Fin

  • Explore further with ease
  • Easily navigate through strong currents or wind
  • Glide faster across the water
  • More time for fun and relaxation

Without Boost Fin

  • Limited range due to fatigue
  • Struggle in windy conditions and strong currents
  • Slower paddling speed
  • More effort, less enjoyment

You're good to go in two steps

Boost fin adapter

Hook up

Install it like any other fin. We made a bunch of adapters so the Boost Fin can fit any board. Extra adapters are available for FCS, Futures, Soft Top, SUP, kayak and more.


Simply switch on the Boost Fin with your magnet screwdriver and wait for the audible notification. Press any button on the remote control.

Let's go!

Boost Fin is designed to withstand full water submersion.
Whether you're catching waves or exploring new paddling spots,
it works reliably in freezing cold or direct sunlight.

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Technical specifications:

Weight: 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g);
Measurement: 10.5”*9”*3.5”;
Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, ABS Plastic;
Max thrust: 20 lbs;
Speed: Up to 5 mph;
Buoyancy: 0.7 lb;
Battery type: Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh;
Power: Up to 800 W;
Remote: 433 mhz;