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The world of surfing has witnessed significant transformations over the years. Among the new entrants making waves is Boost Fin. But what are the experts saying? Let’s delve into what it’s all about in this detailed Boost Fin review.

What is a Boost Fin?

Boost Fin is the world’s first electrical fins that can provides 20 pounds of turbocharged energy to catch an more waves. An innovative integration of technology and traditional surfing, enhancing the regular wave-riding experience.

This combination, as several Boost Surfing fin reviews suggest, promises surfers an edge like never before, making every wave count. And with over 11,500 pre-orders on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it’s clear that the surfing community is eager for this change.

what is boost surfing

The Technology Behind the Boost

The heart of Boost Surfing lies in its unique electric propulsion system. Boost Surfing innovation is a meticulously designed motorized fin, equipped with an integrated jet engine capable of generating a thrust of up to 20 pounds. This power can x3 a surfer’s speed. Powering this engine is a swappable and rechargeable battery pack, designed for longevity. It offers endurance levels of up to 4 hours in the eco mode or a more intense 1.5 hours when set to boost mode.

Surfers maintain command of this technology through a waterproof remote, crafted ergonomically, which allows seamless transitioning between modes and power adjustment. And, when the action is done, the battery pack can be rejuvenated to full capacity within a mere 1.5 hours using its compact charger.

The Components of Boost Fin

As the popularity of Boost Fin grows, many enthusiasts are eager to delve into its details. Various Boost Fin reviews emphasize its unique combination of tried-and-true surfboard design and advanced technological elements.

the components of boost surfing

1. Propulsion Mechanisms

What sets Boost Fin apart is its state-of-the-art propulsion system. These include the motorized fin, a swappable and rechargeable battery pack, and an internal jet engine. Each part is finely tuned to maximize thrust, speed, and overall performance. The fin itself is hydrodynamically designed, minimizing drag and maximizing your speed.

2. Control and Navigation Features

Boost Fin comes with a wireless, wearable remote, letting you harness its power with a simple click. Whether you want a quick boost or a steady speed, the remote has got you covered. Additionally, an LED indicator on the fin keeps you updated on battery status and mode, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

What do Others Say About Boost Fin?

1. Surfd

In their review of the “boost electric surf fin,” Surfd highlights the practical benefits of the Boost Fin. Easily attachable to any surfboard, it helps surfers increase their wave count significantly. The fin is both durable and lightweight, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with the surfing experience. Additionally, the dedicated app offers a customization feature, allowing users to adjust speed based on their needs. Summing up, Surfd suggests that the Boost Fin is a game-changer for surfers looking for an efficient way to maximize their sessions.

what do others say about boost surfing

2. SurferToday

SurferToday was captivated by Boost Surfing’s innovative electric fin, designed by Alex Ostanin and Dmitri Kozhevnikov. The fin, with its powerful 800-watt thrust, promises speeds up to 11 mph and offers 2-4 hours of power from a 90-minute charge. Its ease of installation mirrored that of a traditional fin. Eitan Waks, a surfer with physical limitations, praised the fin for granting him greater independence in the water.

3. Jet Surfing Nation

Jet Surfing Nation commends the innovative design and appreciates how Boost Fin stands out from other electric surfboards in the market.

Mike from Jet Surfing Nation praised the affordability and quality of Boost Fin. Highlighting its gentle push feature, he believes the Boost Fin is perfect for those needing extra momentum to catch waves. Tester Elena enjoyed an enhanced surfing experience with the fin, especially in low-wave conditions. Overall, Jet Surfing Nation sees Boost Fin as a valuable addition for surf enthusiasts.

So, is Boost Surfing legit? According to Jet Surfing Nation, it most definitely is.

4. Adventure Gear Insider

The team at Adventure Gear Insider is all praises, particularly highlighting its affordability and efficiency in comparison to traditional electric surfboards after thoroughly testing the Boost Surfing Motorized Fin in diverse conditions.

  • Ease of Use: The motorized fin can be conveniently fixed onto a wide range of inflatable SUPs and kayaks. The wristband, with its 2-button control, proved intuitive, while the phone app was a handy addition for customization.
  • Performance Metrics: It’s powered by an 800-watt motor which offers consistent propulsion. While it’s safe and newbie-friendly with its gradual acceleration, hardcore paddlers might yearn for speeds beyond its 10mph limit.
  • Battery Durability: In the tests, the battery’s runtime varied from 40 minutes on full throttle to around 100 minutes on the lower settings – fairly decent for a leisure session in the waters.
  • Setup: While the attachment process is straightforward, the mandatory use of the provided screwdriver (especially to power on the fin) felt a bit cumbersome. A more seamless activation mechanism would have been appreciated.
  • Maneuvering: Given its heftier size, turning and maneuvering required some added effort. This could be a challenge if you’re navigating tighter water routes or need agile movements.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Its price is competitively positioned in the market. When comparing features vs. price against its peers, it delivers solid value for most casual to intermediate users.

Final Words: The Boost Surfing Motorized Fin is undeniably innovative. It’s a tool that many paddleboarders, especially beginners or those wanting a more relaxed experience, will appreciate.

Why Should You Get The Boost Fin?

Boost Fin has emerged as a game-changer in the aquatic world. But what makes it so compelling that over 11,500 enthusiasts have pre-ordered it on platforms like Boost Surfing Kickstarter and Indiegogo? With the promise of helping surfers catch 3x more waves and a seamless 5-minute installation process, it’s reshaping the very essence of the sport. Here’s a closer look.

why should you get the boost fin

How fast does the Boost Fin go?

Being on the water often involves a lot of effort just to catch a wave. Boost Fin offers a way to triple the wave count potentially. With a speed reaching up to 10mph and a thrust comparable to 15 people rowing a canoe, it aims to enrich the overall surfing experience, emphasizing efficiency overexertion.

Enhancing the Learning Curve for Beginners

For newcomers, the initial challenges of surfing can be a bit overwhelming. Boost Fin can be a helpful tool, assisting in catching waves without the exhaustive paddling, allowing beginners to focus more on technique.


One of the advantages of Boost Fin is its adaptability. It claims to be compatible with any surfboard and can be installed as easily as any other fin in 5 minutes. This flexibility means a broader range of surfers could potentially benefit from it.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g)
  • Dimensions: 10.5” x 9” x 3.5”
  • Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, ABS Plastic
  • Max Thrust: 20 lbs
  • Top Speed: 10 mph
  • Buoyancy: − 0.7 lb
  • Battery: Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh
  • Power: Up to 800 W
  • Remote Frequency: 433 MHz

Safety Concerns

Boost Fi has been designed with a shock-resistant body, preparing it for unpredictable sea conditions. The dual-mode control system adds a layer of control, while the Boost Fin App provides an avenue for speed adjustments, catering to individual comfort and skill levels.

Price Range of Boost Surfboards

Electric surfboards and e-SUPs might provide a similar motorized experience, but they often come with a significant cost. Boost Surfing fin price, on the other hand, aims to offer a similar experience but at a more accessible price point. Its popularity on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo seems to suggest that many find its proposition valuable.

  • Electric Surfboards and e-SUPs: These electric surfboard price can range in the thousands of dollars. The initial investment is high, which can be a barrier for many individuals, especially beginners or those who surf occasionally.
  • Boost Fin: Priced notably lower, the Boost Surfing fin price stands at 499,99. This cost is a fraction of the price when compared to the full electric surfboards and e-SUPs on the market.

Now, some might point out that electric surfboards or e-SUPs offer a new board along with the motor, which might justify their price. But many surfers have a board they’re attached to and are merely looking for something to enhance their existing setup. Boost Fin serves this purpose. Instead of buying a whole new system, you can incorporate the Boost Fin fin with your current board.

Comparatively, Boost Surfing presents a more budget-friendly alternative to a complete electric surfboard. It raises the question: why invest more when a cost-effective solution like Boost Fin is available?

price range of boost surfboards

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Being a sturdy and well-crafted device, the costs associated with repairs and maintenance are minimal, ensuring longevity and value for money.

  • Routine Maintenance: Simple design means minimal upkeep. Rinse after saltwater use and check for visible damage.
  • Repair Costs: Generally lower than electric surfboards, but always consult official service centers to maintain warranties.
  • Battery Replacement: Over time, you may need a new battery, depending on usage and care.
  • Software Updates: Periodic updates can enhance performance and longevity.
  • Accessory Replacements: Components like wristband controllers or adapters are affordable and might require periodic replacement.

Is the Boost Fin Worth It?

Throughout our exploration and the multitude of Boost Fin reviews available, it’s clear that the Boost Fin offers a unique approach to traditional surfing. It gives you a strong push to stay on course and makes paddling long distances easier, keeping you going without getting tired. The device introduces a different dynamic to the surfing experience, which some users have found beneficial, particularly in areas like wave count and paddling efficiency.

However, as with any product, it’s essential to weigh its features against your personal surfing needs and preferences. If the idea of enhancing your wave count, reducing paddling fatigue, and experimenting with new technology appeals to you, then dive into the future of surfing with Boost Surfing!

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