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Calling all wave riders! Are you ready to ride the waves and share your love to the ocean? Because International Surfing Day is coming so close now. It’s your chance to go surfing with friends and get to know more about your favorite water sport. Let’s delve into its history and look through some of the top 11 fun activities to do this holiday!

What is International Surfing Day?

International Surfing Day is an annual event that takes place on the third Saturday in June. This global festival brings surfers together to celebrate the sport, the surfing culture and the importance of protecting our oceans.

Founded in 2005, ISD has become a global club connecting surfers in 30 countries, including Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, France, the UK, Argentina, Japan, etc with 200+ events!

ISD is all about two things: celebrating the joy of surfing and protecting our oceans. People usually celebrate World Surfing Day’s 19th anniversary by filming, holding a barbecue party, enjoying a movie, and most importantly, joining a beach cleanup.

When is International Surfing Day?

The International Surfing Day is on the third Sunday of June every year.

That means the world surfing day is not tied to a specific day but changes every year. But luckily, it takes place exactly on a weekend, which is the prime time for waves and makes it accessible for all surfers.

When is International Surfing Day?

This year, 2024, International Surfing Day is held on June 15, 2024. Remember to invite your family and best friends to celebrate this interesting surf day together!

History of International Surfing Day

Now, we’ll open up about who started this International Surf Day, why it’s important, and how it’s grown into a global celebration of surfing and our precious oceans.

Who is The Surfing’s Father?

In 2005, International Surfing Day was established by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation to celebrate surfing and protect our oceans, then quickly gained momentum.

Besides surfing, it also conveys the message of raising awareness about the environmental threats to oceans. This has received positive responses and quickly blossomed into a truly global event.

Who is The Surfing's Father?

Now, many countries, from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, France, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Norway, and Israel, to Japan, and South Korea, have all joined the wave of celebration.

Where is The Surfing’s Birthplace?

Evidence shows that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. Ancient cave paintings from the 12th century show people riding on waves, and early explorers recorded Polynesians standing on wooden planks called “he’e nalu” (wave slides). Although surfing may be popular in other cultures, Polynesia is the undisputed winner in surfing’s origin story because of its innovation.

Top 11 Activities to Celebrate International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day is getting closer! Take a look at our top 11 activities to make your surf day unforgettable.

1. Head Out for a Surfing Session

When will be more suitable to surf than International Surfing Day? Take your board and go to the nearest beach and try a surfing session now. If you are an experienced surfer, try a higher wave level. And if you are a beginner, you can choose a small, wind-affected beach to enjoy your surfing session. Or maybe, just receive interesting things the ocean gives you.

You should find the perfect beach that meets your standard and surfing level. Also, consider the consistent swells, as they can create rolling waves rather than choppy waves, which are suitable for surfers of all levels.

2. Riding Waves with Others

Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a culture that you can connect with the ocean, the waves, and people. On that special holiday, try to invite your friends and family members to enjoy this surfing day together and share happiness.

Riding Waves with Others International Surfing Day

You can film these lovely moments, or prepare a barbecue party after the surfing session for everyone. More interestingly, you can ride waves with some random new friends on the beach on this day with some new fellow surfing enthusiasts. You can create memorable stories on the waves together!

3. Explore New Spot

International Surfing Day is the springboard for adventure! It’s your chance to break away from your comfort zone and explore the large world of surfing. This day is a great chance to explore and use your surfing skills in a brand-new spot.

Think about trying a local beach that you have seen one time or a destination that you have been dreaming of and planning months before. International Surfing Day is an ideal time to challenge yourself with new places and new skills, so don’t hesitate to try!

4. Join a Coastal Cleanup

With the increasing number of surfers and tourists, trash and plastic are everywhere. This has caused terrible experiences for beach lovers and the marine living there. International Surfing Day is a great chance for you to pick up the trash from the sand and collect the plastics from the water to tidy up the beach.

You can join some coastal cleanup crews or even form your own crew! Try to gather friends, family, and fellow surfers and inspire them to join the cause. That will make International Surfing Day a meaningful and happy day when you can play and also take care of the sea!

5. Buy Surf-themed Items

International Surfing Day is when you can try to spread the stock beyond the shoreline. This year, remember Surf Day with some awesome surf-related stuff! Surf-related clothing, even decorations are a wonderful way to express your love for surfing and celebrate the sport every day.

Also, a comfy T-shirt with a killer wave graphic or a stylish cap with a surf brand logo is a constant reminder of your love for the ocean and the joy of riding a wave.

What’s more, surf-themed gifts for your friends this holiday season will make more sense! New board shorts for their next adventure, cute beach towels with wave prints, or surf-inspired jewelry – the possibilities are endless!

With some awesome surf-themed accessories for yourself or a loved one, you can spread that stoke far from the beach and keep the surfing spirit alive year-round!

6. Support Surfing Nonprofit

International Surfing Day is an ongoing global appreciation of the sport we love. But the sea is not just a playground. It is a complex ecosystem facing serious threats. Don’t just celebrate surfing this year! Supporting a surfing non-profit can also be a responsible steward of the waves we ride.

In addition to supporting some non-profit groups dedicated to the well-being of the ocean and surfers to make a lasting impact, you can spread awareness through your friends, family members, and surfing enthusiasts, teaching them how to reduce plastic pollution and you can inspire them to join a clean-up drive, on a nearby beach. It can also have real-world effects!

7. Share Your Surfing Experiences

Surfing lifestyle and connecting everyone is an interesting part of International Surfing Day. This year, consider using the power of social media to not only celebrate your surfing journeys but also make a conversation and inspire your friends to experience the magic of a stand-up paddle board.

Have you ever caught a monster wave? Any act of a random surfer on the beach has made you surprised? All of them are incredible stories that may inspire other paddle boarders to chase their surfing dreams. Remember to show off some pictures of your favorite surfing place!

The crystal-clear water in the early morning or perfect waves rolling in may encourage some people to explore new surfing destinations immediately.

8. Learn About The Ocean

The statement that “planet Earth cannot survive in ecological equilibrium” is completely untrue. A healthy, balanced ocean is essential to the survival of our planet as we know it. International Surfing Day is an opportunity to expand your horizons on your dear friends – Land and Sea!

A healthy ocean that absorbs carbon dioxide, provides oxygen, and supports a thriving food supply can help balance the Earth’s macro ecosystem.

Also, human dumping of plastics and chemicals will poison marine life, then harm the entire food supply, and ultimately weaken the ocean’s ability to fight off multiple threats is informative knowledge that should be known by everyone, not just surfers!

9. Discover How a Wave Is Made

Give yourself a chance to become a more knowledgeable surfer this International Surfing Day. Now, back to the source and see the birth of the wave!

Imagine a faraway storm blowing on the water, creating bumps across the ocean. Then, these bumps turn into the waves you are surfing.

Delving deeper and exploring how the wave is generated can also elevate your surfing experience and forecasting skills.

Moreover, notice more about the wave direction, size, and power, you may catch some hints! That will help you find the perfect beach in the future when you know about the best waves, when they reach the shore, and how often they will come in with your knowledge.

10. Discover Surfing History and Culture

A whole world of surfing history and culture awaits you this International Surfing Day! It’s a great opportunity for you to learn more about your favorite water sport. Hit up some surfing books like Surf History 101, Legendary Surfers, or The Science of the Swell to enter their fascinating world.

International Surfing Day

Having a book day at the beach with your fellow surfers is also a great idea! There’s also interesting information about surfing history and culture all over the internet. You can expand your horizons through movies, associated unique lifestyles, music, and art forms.

Besides, you can visit some museums in California and Australia that tell stories of their local swimming expeditions. There are plenty of vintage surfboards, paintings, and artifacts to check out during your visit.

11. Count the Number of Waves You’ve Ridden

International Surfing Day is a time to reflect on the impact surfing has had on your life. Counting the waves you’ve ridden serves as a measure of how surfing has influenced your lifestyle.

Take a moment to recall and estimate the average number of waves you ride per week or month throughout the year. It’s a rewarding experience to gauge your progress.

Now, let’s do the math! By multiplying the number of years you’ve been surfing by the average number of waves you catch, you can appreciate the connection you have with the ocean. Remember to express gratitude for the waves and the challenges you’ve overcome, as they have helped shape your understanding of the surfing community.

The Sea is In Need of Friends!

International Surfing Day may be crowded, but don’t forget to respect the lineup and let others enjoy the fun too. You can grab some beers and soak up the ocean vibes with your friends, but remember to tidy up after the party.

Last but not least, safety and happiness are the keys to enjoying International Surfing Day. So if you want to catch more waves and also ensure these standards, try surf fin from Boost Fin and have a memorable day!

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