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The World’s #1 Electric Surf Fin

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In Surfing, Paddling is a Big Deal. Well, Not Anymore!

90% of your session is paddling. To make the most out of every swell and every session you need to be able to paddle faster and longer. If you want to catch LOTS of waves you’ll need to Paddle a lot! Boost Fin helps you do just that.

How Does It Work?

Hooks up to any Surfboard in 5 minutes.

We made a bunch of adapters so the Boost Fin can fit any surfboard. The Longboard Adapter comes with the package by default. Adapters for FCS, Futures, Soft Top, and many others are available if you have a different fin slot.


The power is in your hands.

Wear the remote control on your wrist or shoulder. There are two switching modes: for button A – Short Boost (helps to catch waves), for button B – Long Boost (get back to the lineup with ease). Our app lets you set all the parameters in 3 min.

3 Reasons To Try Boost Fin:

Power play

Gives your board 20 pounds of thrust, equivalent to 15 people rowing a canoe at full speed.

Full speed ahead

Pushes you to a top speed of 5mph, helping you catch more waves.

Lasts and lasts

Packs enough battery power to last for an average surfing session of 60–90 minutes.

Change your surf experience!

Without Boost Fin:

8 waves per session

With Boost Fin:

27 waves!

Boost Fin: What Surfers Are Saying:

Technical specifications

Weight: 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g);

Measurement: 10.5”*9”*3.5”;

Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer,ABS Plastic;

Max thrust: 20 lbs;

Speed: Up to 5 mph;

Buoyancy: − 0.7 lb;

Battery type: Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh;

Power: Up to 800 W;

Remote: 433 mhz.