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Revolutionary Fin

Boost is Changing Surfing Experience.The fin that gives you just enough of extra energy to push the limits of what is possible. A revolutionary combination of power, portability and design applied in surfing industry.

Shockingly resistant

Ready for rough seas, your Boost Fin's shock-resistant body is designed to take some hits.


Propeller pitch, blade surface, and feathering prop are all designed to reduce drag and resistance to a minimum.


At only 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g), you’ll hardly feel it.

Boost Fin package

  • Boost Fin
  • Longboard Adapter (US box)
  • Boost Remote
  • 100-240V Wall Charger (AU, US & EU plugs)
  • Boost Screws
  • Screwdriver

Boost Fin: What Surfers Are Saying


Propeller Safety Guard. What if something gets caught?

The propeller is protected by a removable safety guard that won't let your fingers get through. In case something like seaweed gets caught in it won't do any damage. Most times, you'll be able to get everything out with your hand without removing the prop nut. But if something hard gets caught in there and blocks the propeller from spinning - the motor will detect it and stop automatically to prevent any inner damage.

P.S. In case something truly damages the propeller, you'll be able to resolve this issue through our service center.

What happens if I fall off the board?

Because you'll wear the button on the wrist (which most of you would do), you can shut it off manually anytime. So don't worry, you won't have to chase your board.

How much noise does Boost Fin make? Sharks?

The Boost Fin doesn't make any loud noise. We tested it out with surfers paddling 3ft away from the Boost Fin and they couldn't hear a thing. All they did was wondering how the heck was that surfer paddling so fast!

Later tests determined that sharks are attracted by frequencies ranging between approximately 10 and 800 Hz while we are using 30Mhz which equals 30000000 Hz. Plus you can also use a Shark Band bracelet for extra safety.

Waterproof Standards

Boost Fin meets the IPX8 waterproof standard (up to 10m / 32'9").

Each part and component exposed to saltwater are salt fog endurance resistant and certified for saltwater operation. All plugs, connectors, and other electrical contacted surfaces are covered with rubber plugs to prevent them from water.

Seawater can enter the charger port without any damage - there's a diode that essentially acts as a one-way switch for current. It allows current to flow easily in one direction, but severely restricts current from flowing in the opposite direction

How to control the Boost Fin?

The device is switched on and off by bringing the screwdriver handle with a magnet into the light indication area. The Hall sensor HS1 is responsible for turning on, and HS2 for turning off. A timer shutdown is also possible, the default value is 30 min, which can be configured via the app. The device also turns off automatically when the battery is completely discharged.

After successfully turning on the device, the motor is controlled by a radio remote control with two buttons. The remote can go on your wrist, shoulder, or paddle if you're on a SUP. Button A turns on the Short Boost mode, button B turns on the Long Boost mode. All parameters of these modes can be configured through the mobile app, which can be downloaded here. Pressing any of the buttons again turns off the motor.

Boost Surfing App

The main feature of the app is that you will be able to adjust your Boost fin’s settings to comply with your needs and your style. Each fin comes with pre-set modes that you can customize for different types of styles and waves. You can play around with the setting to find just the right mode for yourself. Remember, more power equals more battery usage and vice versa.

Direct link to download the Boost Surfing App here: (system requirements: Android 8+ or iOS 9.0 and above, BLE).

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