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Let's go surfing together on Memorial Day! 🇺🇸

To honor this special day, we're excited to offer an exclusive deal just for you. On May 27th, when you purchase a Boost Fin, you'll receive a FREE Boost Fin Bag to carry your new gear in style!

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Why Buy a Boost Fin?

• Catch 3x more waves or get more confident paddleboarding

• Get back to the lineup faster or share your SUP adventures with friends and family

• Explore new spots: effortlessly reach those distant breaks

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Deal Details:

Date: May 27th

Offer: Buy a Boost Fin and get a FREE Boost Fin Bag!

Offer only lasts one day! 🌊
Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer to enhance your surfing experience and get a stylish bag for all your water adventures.