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May is a great month to go surfing since it provides perfect conditions for enthusiasts. It’s when spring goes away, and summer comes with warmer weather and higher water temperatures. Due to the weather changes and oceanographic conditions, the month offers the benefit of consistent swells.

It’s not difficult to find places to surf in May. You can enjoy various fascinating views, from Portugal’s rugged coastlines to Costa Rica’s tropical beaches. All destinations have their own favorable conditions, yet all allow surfers to feel the rush of surfing waves and establish a connection with the natural world.

Below is a list of the best places to surf in May that you should visit once. Let’s scroll down for more!

1. Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Surfing Costa Rica in May offers wonderful experiences for both novice and expert surfers. The warm waters and consistent swells of Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, create an ideal condition to enjoy the sport all year round. In addition to its world-class waves, the place features breathtaking views and a relaxing vibe.

Places to Surf in May Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Type of Water: clear and warm tropical water
  • Swell and Wind: Guanacaste has year-round steady swells, with offshore winds generating the greatest waves from November to April. Variable wind conditions can provide surfable waves from May to October.
  • Water Temperature: The warm water temperature, ranging from 24 to 29°C, is one of the reasons people choose Costa Rica to surf in May.
  • Air Temperature: The tropical climate often brings warm weather, with an average temperature of 22-32°C throughout the year.
  • Skill Level: All skill levels will find Guanacaste a suitable place to start learning the basic techniques at the beach break or improve their skills with more challenging conditions.
  • Famous Spot: Tamarindo is a well-known surf site in Guanacaste because of its thriving surf culture, and a variety of breakers for all skill levels.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a top surfing destination because of its well-known breakers, pleasant weather, and active surf community. It has a wide variety of surf places that suit all skill levels, from Uluwatu swells to Canggu vibes.

Places to Surf in May Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a well-liked tourist destination since it offers breathtaking beauty and a rich cultural heritage.

  • Type of Water: warm tropical waters all time of the year
  • Swell and Wind: Bali has year-round waves, with April through October being the busiest month for surfers. Offshore winds, particularly on the west coast, groom the waves. The most surfable waves are available in the wet season from November to March.
  • Water Temperature: The warm water temperature, 28 to 29.8°C, makes surfing in Bali in May comfortable.
  • Air Temperature: The maximum temperature is around 29°C to 31°C, offering sunshine and a warm atmosphere for surfing in Bali in May.
  • Skill Level: The place is suitable for all skill levels. Beginners can enjoy the mellow waves of Kuta Beach and Seminyak, while experts can improve their techniques with hollow and fast waves in Padang Padang and Uluwatu.
  • Famous Spot: Uluwatu, a renowned Bali surf spot, boasts world-class waves and breathtaking scenery. Known for its powerful left-handers and vibrant surf culture, it’s a must-visit place for global surfers.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii, also called “Valley Isle,” is one of the best surf destinations in May. It’s famous for its iconic breaks and breathtaking scenery.

Places to Surf in May Maui, Hawaii

It offers a range of waves, from fierce Honolua Bay to mellow Lahaina, that capture the essence of Aloha and surfing culture.

  • Type of Water: Due to its central location in the Pacific Ocean, the island offers crystal-clear tropical waters, ideal for surfing Maui in May.
  • Swell and Wind: The place boasts large waves from November to March and smaller wells from April to October. The most predominant wind condition is trade winds.
  • Water Temperature: The water here is around 25°C, with a slight drop at night during winter.
  • Air Temperature: The tropical climate results in a pleasant air temperature range from 21 to 28°C.
  • Skill Level: Surfing in Maui in May suits all skill levels. Kihei and Lahaina, with gentle waves, are ideal for novices, while professionals can try some adrenaline-pumping rides in Peahi, Hookipa, and Honolua Bay.
  • Famous Spot: Honolua Bay is a must-visit spot for surfers when coming to Hawaii. Thanks to its pristine sea and world-class waves, it draws the attention of both locals and tourists.

4. Playa Madera, Nicaragua

If you still can’t decide where to go surfing in May, consider visiting Playa Madera, Nicaragua’s Pacific coast.

Places to Surf in May Playa Madera, Nicaragua

It’s known as a hidden gem with pristine beaches and excellent consistent waves. Plus, the uncrowded lineup makes it a perfect place for those looking for quietness.

  • Type of Water: warm and clear tropical water
  • Swell and Wind: Playa Mader features consistent swells year-round, especially during the dry season (from November to April). Though the wind conditions are more erratic in the wet season (from May to October), it’s still possible to find surfable waves.
  • Water Temperature: The average water temperature is 29°C.
  • Air Temperature: Surfing and other outdoor activities can benefit from the warm air temperature of around 29°C all year.
  • Skill Level: There are various surf breaks, from gentle waves to challenging larger waves, making surfing Nicaragua in May suitable for both young learners and experts.
  • Famous Spot: Playa Madera has fewer famous spots than other surfing destinations. However, its beautiful view and tranquil atmosphere are becoming more and more popular among enthusiasts.

5. Peniche, Portugal

Many enthusiasts consider surfing in Portugal in May a golden opportunity to experience the legendary world-class surf breaks and beautiful nature.

Places to Surf in May Peniche, Portugal

Peniche is a popular destination for both Portuguese and worldwide surfers, not only because of its diverse waves but also its timeless beauty of picturesque seaside villages and rich maritime history.

  • Type of Water: Peniche, on the Silver Coast of Portugal, features crystal-clear, cool Atlantic waters.
  • Swell and Wind: Peniche is a popular place for surfing due to its consistent North Atlantic storm-generated swells, especially during the autumn and winter months. Offshore winds create clean waves, but the wind conditions might change, so surfers need to keep an eye on the forecast.
  • Water Temperature: Peniche’s water temperature fluctuates from 12 to 18°C in winter and from 18 to 22°C in summer.
  • Air Temperature: Peniche’s maritime climate is mild, with temperatures around 19°C.
  • Skill Level: Surfing in Portugal in May is for all skill levels, with mellow waves for amateurs and hollow barrels for professionals.
  • Famous Spot: Supertubos is a well-known Peniche surfing location with world-class barrels and hollow, strong waves. It’s where elite-level events, such as the World Surf League’s Rip Curl Pro Portugal, are organized.

6. Hiriketiya Beach, Sri Lanka

On the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Hiriketiya Beach is a hidden gem renowned for its laid-back vibe and pristine waves.

Places to Surf in May Hiriketiya Beach, Sri Lanka

The crescent-shaped bay is perfect for surfing, swimming, and sunbathing, especially surfing in Sri Lanka in May, which is a second-to-none experience.

  • Type of Water: warm and enticing Indian Ocean waves
  • Swell and Wind: The location consistently gets swells from nearby and far-off weather systems. Off-season surfable waves are still present with variable wind conditions.
  • Water Temperature: The warm water temperature of a minimum of 26°C creates a great tropical surfing experience.
  • Air Temperature: The weather is often warm and pleasant, with air temperatures around 25°C.
  • Skill Level: Hiriketiya Beach caters to all skill levels, offering sandy bottoms and gentle waves for beginners, as well as larger waves with more challenging conditions for experienced surfers.
  • Famous Spot: Hiriketiya Beach is the most renowned spot in Sri Lanka for surfing and other outdoor recreations, thanks to its picturesque scenery and tranquil vibe.

7. Malibu, California

Malibu surfing is popular among surfers since the place is renowned for its rich surfing heritage and spectacular point breaks.

Places to Surf in May Malibu, California

It’s the symbol of California’s cool surfing culture, providing surfers, whether at First Point or Surfrider Beach, with many chances to bond with the water.

  • Type of Water: The Pacific Ocean waters here are clean and refreshing.
  • Swell and Wind: Long-period swells in Malibu are well-known for creating iconic, peeling waves down the sandy beach. Known as the “Santa Anas,” offshore winds provide conditioned waves for surfing at specific periods of the year. Onshore winds, however, can occasionally have an impact on wave quality due to varying wind conditions.
  • Water Temperature: It varies from mild to cool temperatures, depending on the season. The water temperature in summer and winter is 16.1-17.8°C and 14-18°C, respectively.
  • Air Temperature: The Mediterranean climate offers mild temperatures of around 20°C all year round.
  • Skill Level: all skill levels can enjoy the spot here. The First Point breaks are ideal for beginners, while the Second and Third Point fit expert levels.
  • Famous Spot: First Point, Second Point, and Third Point make up the famous Surfrider Beach in Malibu, which is known for both its historical significance and its contemporary surfing culture. Since the beginning of the 20th century, surfers from all over the world have been drawn to this place because of its legendary waves and energetic atmosphere.

8. Chesterman Beach, Canada

Another best place to surf in May is Chesterman Beach, Canada. This hidden beach is located on the mountainous coastline of Vancouver Island.

Places to Surf in May Chesterman Beach, Canada

Its cold waves, strong surf breaks, and spectacular surroundings of vast, sandy beaches create a fully immersive experience.

  • Type of Water: cool, clear, and refreshing water
  • Swell and Wind: The North Pacific storms and local weather systems create consistent swells. The region is well-known for its consistent surfing conditions, with side-shore and offshore breezes producing smooth, well-groomed waves, particularly at specific seasons of the year.
  • Water Temperature: The water temperature is cool, 12-14°C in summer and 7-12°C in winter.
  • Air Temperature: The temperate maritime climate provides the region with cool air temperatures (14-22°C in summer and 7-16°C in winter.)
  • Skill Level: The beach welcomes both amateurs and experts.
  • Famous Spot: Chesterman Beach is a popular vacation spot in western Canada that offers great surfing conditions and breathtaking natural beauty. Many surfers come here and enjoy the world-class waves and dynamic surf culture.

9. Los Cabos, Mexico

If you haven’t decided where to surf in May, give Los Cabos, Mexico (near the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula) a chance.

Places to Surf in May Los Cabos, Mexico

Its world-class waves, warm waters, various breaks, breathtaking desert view and vibrant nightlife make this place an attractive location for surfers.

  • Type of Water: clear turquoise warm water provided by the convergence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean
  • Swell and Wind: Los Cabos enjoys reliable surf conditions and consistent swells from local weather systems and Pacific Ocean storms. The common side shore and offshore winds help create well-groomed waves.
  • Water Temperature: The place is warm water year-round, with a temperature range of 24-29°C.
  • Air Temperature: Los Cabos’s summer and winter temperatures are 31-38°C and 24-32°C, respectively. So, the place is best for surfing in May.
  • Skill Level: The adventure here is suitable for all levels due to its various breaks, such as beach breaks, point breaks, and reef breaks.
  • Famous Spot: Zippers is a well-known surf location in Los Cabos that provides reliable waves and favorable conditions. Situated close to San José del Cabo, it hosts international surfing events and draws surfers from all over the world who are looking for a unique experience in warm waters.

10. Chicama, Peru

Chicama, Peru, is a top destination for surfers with the largest left-hand wave in the world, perfect peelers, and limitless sea cliffs.

Places to Surf in May Chicama, Peru

It’s also surrounded by Peru’s rugged coastline and ancient ruins, offering an unparalleled wave-riding experience.

  • Type of Water: clear blue, cool, and refreshing water
  • Swell and Wind: Chicama is known for one of the world’s longest left-hand waves. The South Pacific storms offer consistent swells. Offshore winds create groomed conditions for surfing, but forecasts are crucial for optimal wave opportunities.
  • Water Temperature: Chicama is cool all year, with water temperatures ranging from 18 to 22°C.
  • Air Temperature: The area is affected by the desert climate with the highest temperature in winter is 22°C and in summer is 28°C.
  • Skill Level: The place is mostly suitable for intermediate to advanced levels. However, there are also a few beach breaks and smaller waves for beginners.
  • Famous Spot: The undoubtedly iconic spot is Chicama Point. Its legendary left-hand rides offer long, peeling waves that attract surfers from all over the world.

11. Hossegor, France

Hossegor, France, is one of Europe’s most attractive shores for surfers to explore. Its strong waves and lively beach culture are perfect for a second-to-none surfing excursion.

Places to Surf in May Hossegor, France

It offers breaks for both beginners and experts., such as La Gravière and La Nord.

  • Type of Water: clean and blue Atlantic Ocean waters
  • Swell and Wind: Thanks mainly to North Atlantic storms, Hossegor is renowned for its constant surf conditions and big beach breaks. The “mistral” or “tramontane,” which are offshore winds, produce waves that are well-groomed and clean.
  • Water Temperature: It’s 18-22°C in summer and 12-18°C in winter.
  • Air Temperature: The place enjoys a temperate maritime climate with slightly different temperatures in winter and summer (7-16°C and 20-28°C, respectively).
  • Skill Level: All levels can find a spot suitable for their kills here. However, Hossegor’s heavy waves and strong beach breaks offer better conditions for intermediate and professional levels.
  • Famous Spot: La Gravière is a “magnet” for pro surfers because of its hollow, heavy waves. Expert surfers love the beach break since it creates waves that are fast and powerful. Gravière is home to professional competitions like Quiksilver Pro France.

12. Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis, Brazil, deserves a spot on the list of the best surf spots in May. It is referred to as the “Island of Magic” because of its pristine, crystal-clear waves and warm water.

Places to Surf in May Florianopolis, Brazil

Its vibrant surf culture and laid-back vibe capture the essence of Brazilian beach life and surfing spirit.

  • Type of Water: clear and warm blue Atlantic Ocean water
  • Swell and Wind: The local weather systems and South Atlantic storms contribute to the consistent swells in Florianopolis. Wind conditions may change, but the most common ones are offshore and sideshore winds.
  • Water Temperature: The water is warm all year round, with an average range of 22-24°C.
  • Air Temperature: Florianopolis has a subtropical climate and moderate temperatures. The highest summer temperature is 32°C, and in winter, it’s 28°C.
  • Skill Level: The place is ideal for both beginners and advanced riders.
  • Famous Spot: Joaquina Beach, on Florianopolis’ eastern shore, is a favorite surfing location because of its reliable waves and ideal conditions. It provides a variety of breakers that suit all skill levels and hosts international competitions, attracting surfers worldwide.

13. Kauai, Hawaii

Surfing Kauai in May is a favorite choice of many enthusiasts. This “Garden Isle” in Hawaii is a tropical region famous for its world-class surf breaks and beautiful surroundings.

Places to Surf in May Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai represents the essence of Hawaiian surfing culture and the spirit of Aloha with its flawless coastline and laid-back vibe.

  • Type of Water: warm and inviting Pacific Ocean water
  • Swell and Wind: The open position to the ocean of Kauai results in consistent swells throughout the year. The specific location and season determine the kind of wind, with trade winds being the most common.
  • Water Temperature: The water temperature is pleasant, from 24 to 29°C, for all surfers to enjoy.
  • Air Temperature: Kauai is the best surf spot in May, yet you can enjoy the place all year round as the weather is generally warm, with a temperature range of 24-29°C.
  • Skill Level: North Pacific storms usually bring larger waves suitable for expert surfers, while novice and intermediate surfers can enjoy smaller, more controllable waves during the summer.
  • Famous Spot: Renowned for its world-class waves and breathtaking natural beauty, Hanalei Bay is a popular surfing location on Kauai. It features mild beach breaks and difficult reef waves for both novices and experts. The bay’s famous beautiful mountain and waterfall background perfectly encapsulates the surfing lifestyle in Hawaii.

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