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Are you planning to catch more waves in Florida without a specific route? If that’s the case, we will take you through all 11 must-try locations, from the vibrant atmosphere in Miami Beach to the pristine beauty in Playalinda, to make your surfing journey unforgettable.

Each charming hidden gem aspires to surf enthusiasts with captivating scenes and challenging waves tailoring to different levels. So, pack up your kit and be ready to start the journey of surfing in Florida now.

Top 3 Beginners’ Favorite Surfing in Florida

Embrace the call of waves in one of the best places to surf in Florida locations, covering the vast array of captivating scenes across the Atlantic Ocean.

1. South Beach

This iconic Miami Beach area enriches the soul of various surfers with its stunning views and vibrant atmosphere. You will enjoy the scenic harmonization between the Miami skyline and azured waters, adorned with golden sands that make your surfing a picturesque experience.

Surfing in Florida South Beach

The luxury lifestyle in the Art Deco Historic District blends with South Beach’s natural scene with a vibrant vibe of cultural beauty.

  • Water: South Beach offers gentle waves for beginners eager to learn about surfing. However, the vibrant social atmosphere, with public drinking and increased disturbances, might irritate you.
  • Swell & wind: Enjoy the harmonized mix of groundswell and windswell. The best wind direction is from the west.
  • Water temperature: hits a comfortable 72.5°F, with seasonal averages ranging from a cool 71.8°F in winter to a warm embrace of 81.9°F in the summer months.
  • Air temperature: The air temperature is at a pleasant 63°F, ideal for beachgoers and surfers.
  • Wave size: Regular waves at South Beach maintain a friendly 2-3+ ft range, with the more ambitious set waves reaching heights of 4-6 ft for those seeking a challenge.
  • Crowd level: South Beach’s vibrant spirit attracts large crowds, especially during the lively spring break period.
  • Skills: South Beach is a welcoming playground for surfers of all skill levels, thanks to its variety of beach breaks and sandbars

2. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach offers a serene environment for beginners to learn surfing in Florida when immersed in a tranquil blue and natural vista.

Surfing in Florida Cocoa Beach

Additionally, you will enjoy a peaceful place surrounded by diverse wildlife species, including turtles and various bird species.

  • Water: Cocoa Beach’s warmly inviting waters offer a tepid embrace for the young at heart and the seasoned soul.
  • Swell & wind: Cocoa Beach marks an impression of consistent surf, favored by an offshore breeze from the west. Here, wind swells dance more frequently than groundswells, with the southeast sending the best waves.
  • Water temperature: the water whispers at a comfortable 70.5°F. August basks in the warmth of an average 84.6°F, while January cools to a refreshing 70.2°F, embracing surfers in every season.
  • Air temperature: The air is pleasant at 75°F. The climate ranges from warm summers, averaging 81.3°F in August, to cooler winters, at 63.5°F in January.
  • Wave size: Cocoa Beach serenades surfers with waves that average between three and five feet, occasionally climbing to seven feet, offering a challenging and delightful experience.
  • Crowd level: The iconic Cocoa Beach Pier is a magnet for surf enthusiasts, bustling with energy yet spacious enough for all.
  • Skill: Cocoa Beach extends an open invitation to all-level surfers with various surf schools to guide you through the journey.

3. Daytona Beach

The expansive coastline covering fascinating white sandy beaches has attracted beginner surfers to Daytona Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in Florida. While catching your first waves, you will enjoy a lively view created by the famous Daytona Beach Boardwalk and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

Surfing in Florida Daytona Beach

The endless horizon with a serene atmosphere makes surfing in Daytona Beach an unforgettable journey for beginners when surfing in Florida.

  • Water: Daytona Beach’s water sparkles with high quality, imbued with essential minerals and organics vital for wellness.
  • Swell & wind: With its consistent surf, Daytona Beach’s exposed sandbar break dances to the rhythm of southwest winds, embracing both groundswells and wind swells, especially those arriving from the east
  • Water temperature: The water of Daytona Beach is comfortable at 59 to 75°F in March
  • Air temperature: The air in Daytona Beach whispers at a cool 53°F.
  • Wave size: Daytona Beach’s waves extend a constant invitation to ride with an average of 2-3 feet.
  • Crowd level: the crowd level in Daytona Beach varies depending on the time of year
  • Skill: Suitable for new and beginner surfers

3 Most Consistent Surfing in Florida

Nestled along Florida’s vast and vibrant coastline, these best surf spots in Florida offer a paradise for wave riders with scenic water areas. Plus, you will enjoy consistent waves enclosed within fascinating natural beauty when launching the surfing journey.

1. Jacksonville

Florida’s largest city facilitates an expansive view of the Atlantic Ocean with a spreading coastline. Immersing yourself in the gentle water provides a satisfying experience with mesmerizing dawn and sunset views.

Surfing in Florida Jacksonville

You can feel Jacksonville’s beauty based on fascinating views adorned with dunes, vegetables, and a modern breath of city life.

  • Water: naturally clean and fresh, undergoing minimal treatment before reaching taps.
  • Swell & wind: influenced by a blend of medium period swells from the ENE and short period swells from the SE, with set waves in the 0-1 ft range, under the stewardship of WSW offshore winds.
  • Water temperature: The ocean at Jacksonville currently enjoys a temperate 63°F, with a decade of data showing variations from a low of 59.7°F to a high of 69.6°F.
  • Air temperature: sits at a comfortable 52°F, ideal for various outdoor activities.
  • Wave size: maintain a calm 0-1 ft range, providing a welcoming environment for surfers of all skill levels.
  • Crowd level: offers fluctuating beach crowd levels, affected by the designated morning and afternoon hours for beach activities.
  • Skill: supports surfers across the skill spectrum, with various surf schools offering lessons from essential to advanced levels, ensuring a place for every surfer to grow and learn.

2. New Smyrna Beach Inlet

The consistent and clear water, integrated with the white sand and lush greenery of the Smyrna Dunes Park, creates fascinating contrastive pictures of the New Smyrna Beach Inlet. Plus, the sightseeing toward the historic Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse adds a more charming vibe to the surfing experience.

Surfing in Florida New Smyrna Beach Inlet

Besides, the Smyrna Beach Inlet allows you to interact with natural wildlife, including the chance to meet dolphins and seabirds during your surfing journey.

  • Water: New Smyrna Beach’s waters shimmer with clarity, extending from sandy shores to the untouched Canaveral Seashore Park.
  • Swell & wind: Ideal swells from the southeast, complemented by favorable southwest winds, make New Smyrna Beach a surfer’s haven.
  • Water temperature: From warm peaks around 82 to 86°F in July to cooler dips of 66 to 72°F in February.
  • Air temperature: The ever-changing air temperature at New Smyrna Beach adds a refreshing variety to every surf session.
  • Wave size: fluctuates throughout the year, promising new challenges and joys with each visit.
  • Crowd level: The allure of perfect waves often draws a lively crowd to New Smyrna Beach, especially on the best days.
  • Skill: New Smyrna Beach caters to all skill levels, making it a welcoming spot for every surfer to catch a wave.

3. Ponce Inlet

This idyllic location appears promising for surfers, with a tranquil environment and consistent waves. Located south of Daytona Beach, this area features pristine beaches backed by natural vegetation, allowing a peaceful surfing time without crowds.

Surfing in Florida Ponce Inlet

The view from the water is a serene blend of sky, sea, and the untouched Florida coastline, providing a peaceful backdrop for surfers.

  • Water: Ponce Inlet sources its pristine water from Port Orange, maintaining all lines up to each property’s meter.
  • Water temperature: Currently at 66.4°F, Ponce Inlet’s water temperature is on a gentle rise, expecting to reach 69.8°F soon.
  • Air temperature: The air at Ponce Inlet is currently a cool 49°F.
  • Wave size: Waves at Ponce Inlet average 1-2 ft, with set waves occasionally reaching 2-3 ft.
  • Crowd level: Ponce Inlet attracts crowds, especially on days with prime surf conditions.
  • Skill: With its consistent surf and preference for rights at high tide, Ponce Inlet caters to surfers with a bit of experience.

Top 3 Challenging Surfing in Florida

Against the backdrop of Florida’s vast and varied coastline, the following best surfing spots in Florida stand as towering testaments to the adventurous spirit of surfers. Apart from challenging waves for advanced surf enthusiasts, these locations’ breathtaking vistas weave the ocean’s raw beauty with the Sunshine State’s unique charm.

1. Ft. Pierce Inlet

Ft. Pierce Inlet is a beacon for seasoned surfers seeking a challenge, where the blue Atlantic melds with the sun-kissed shores. When navigating the challenging waters, you can enjoy the sight of the historic Ft. Pierce Jetty, a landmark that adds a touch of majesty to the already impressive scenery.

Surfing in Florida Ft. Pierce Inlet

The waves here, shaped by the inlet’s unique geography, are powerful and demanding. They offer thrilling rides against a stunning backdrop of the Florida coast.

  • Water: At Ft. Pierce Inlet monitors water quality closely for bacteria to ensure your dip!
  • Sw.ll & wind: Catch the breeze! Ft. Pierce Inlet is riding WNW winds at a brisk 15-20 kt, with the ocean rolling in waves from 3 to a surprising 6 feet at times.
  • Water temperature: The water at Ft. Pierce Inlet is just right, sitting pretty at 73°F—perfect for a splash.
  • Air temperature: With the air feeling just as lovely at 73°F, Ft. Pierce Inlet is your go-to for comfort in and out of the water.
  • Wave size: Gentle waves around 1.6ft are the norm here, making for a relaxed surf or swim.
  • Crowd level: Ft. Pierce Inlet is a hit among town folk and travelers, famed for its picturesque views and lively fish spots, though it’s getting a bit busier these days.
  • Skill: Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just casting your first line, Ft. Pierce Inlet’s diverse fishery promises some of the best Snook fishing around.

2. Reef Road

Reef Road is one of the best surfing spots in Florida, known for its enormous wave potential. The view from the lineup is majestic. Vast, open waters stretch to the horizon, framed by the elegant silhouette of Palm Beach’s shoreline.

Surfing in Florida Reef Road

You are dwarfed by the massive swells, creating a humbling yet thrilling experience.

  • Water: The water at Reef Road is crystal clear and clean.
  • Swell & Wind: Catch impressive 3-4+ ft waves at Reef Road, with sets soaring to 5-7 ft, thanks to SE swells and ENE winds.
  • Water Temperature: Dip into the inviting 77°F waters at Reef Road.
  • Air Temperature: Feel the warm 81°F air brush against your skin at Reef Road.
  • Wave Size: Experience the thrill of riding 5-7 ft waves at Reef Road.
  • Crowd Level: Reef Road’s popularity means it’s often buzzing with surfers.
  • Skill: With its challenging conditions, Reef Road calls to the heart of advanced surfers.

3 Best Uncrowded Surfing in Florida

Embark on a sun-kissed adventure, immersed in the uncrowded environment, along Florida’s Atlantic Coast with the following best surf spots in Florida.

1. Playalinda

Nestled within the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda is a treasure trove of pristine beauty and untouched waves. It’s a place where you can ride the waves under the watchful eye of nature, with only the sea oats and shorebirds as your audience.

Surfing in Florida Playalinda

Whether you’re popping up on your board for the first time or carving the waves with seasoned grace, Playalinda offers a tranquil backdrop for your surfing in Florida journey.

  • Water: water at Playalinda Beach is a refreshing 68.4°F, warming up to a cozy 71.8°F soon.
  • Swell & wind: Expect gentle 0-1 ft waves, with some reaching 1-2 ft, and a light north breeze to keep things interesting.
  • Water temperature: Playalinda Beach’s water temperature ranges from a winter average of 68.2°F to a summer high of 81.9°F.
  • Air temperature: The air feels lovely at Playalinda Beach, right around 65°F—perfect beach weather.
  • Wave size: Playalinda’s waves are on the chill side, mostly 0-1 ft, with the occasional 1-2 ft set for more excitement
  • Crowd level: Playalinda Beach is the weekend hotspot, but come a weekday, and you might have the waves all to yourself.
  • Skill: Whether you’re just starting or looking to polish your skills, Playalinda’s Cove, with its gentle waves, is the go-to spot for surfers at any level.

2. Flagler Beach

With its charming, laid-back vibe, Flagler Beach invites surfers to enjoy the quieter side of Florida’s coast. The cinnamon-colored sands set a unique stage for days filled with surfing, where each wave feels like it’s been waiting just for you.

Surfing in Florida Flagler Beach

The friendly locals and the small-town atmosphere make it a spot where you can truly unwind and connect with the essence of surfing.

  • Water temperature: Dive into Flagler Beach’s pleasant 67.5°F waters, where clarity meets quality.
  • Swell & wind: Ride the 3-4 ft waves at Flagler Beach, guided by the onshore breezes from the ENE.
  • Air temperature: Bask in the mild 64°F air at Flagler Beach, perfect for a day by the sea
  • Wave size: Enjoy waves up to 3 ft, ideal for swimming and surfing, with occasional 4 ft sets for the daring.
  • Crowd level: Flagler Beach offers a friendly crowd, making it just right for a relaxed beach day
  • Skill: Whether newbie or pro, Flagler Beach’s surf lessons welcome surfers of every stripe

3. Boynton Beach Inlet

A hidden jewel among South Florida’s bustling coastline, Boynton Beach Inlet offers surfers a rare blend of dynamic waves and serene beach days. The waters are crystal clear, and the horizon stretches wide, inviting you to lose yourself in the rhythm of the sea.

Surfing in Florida Boynton Beach Inlet

Whether tracing the shoreline with your board or sitting back to watch the waves dance, Boynton Beach Inlet is a sanctuary for those who seek peace among the palms and the thrill of the surf.

  • Water: Boynton Beach Inlet offers clean water that is perfect for water activities.
  • Swell & wind: Expect a 3ft primary swell with an 8s period, cross-onshore winds, and surf generated by combined short-period swells.
  • Water temperature: Water temperature is 78.8°F, peaking around August at 84-86°F and dropping to 72-75°F in February.
  • Air temperature: Enjoy temperatures ranging from 60°F to 89°F, with the current temperature at 22°C.
  • Wave size: Waves average 2-3 ft with set waves reaching 3-5 ft and a dominant period of 7 seconds.
  • Crowd level: Despite waves, Boynton Beach Inlet tends to remain uncrowded
  • Skill: can be suitable for surfers of all levels, but it’s important to note that conditions vary greatly.

Tips to Catch More Waves in Florida

Are you eager to go to places to surf in Florida? Here are a few friendly tips to help you catch more waves and make every session truly unforgettable:

  • Understand Skill Level: Embrace where you’re at in your surfing journey. Knowing your skill level means you’ll pick the right wave for you, making every session a blast.
  • Analyze the Spot: Give the spot you’re surfing a little love and attention. Understanding its quirks and charms can pay off when looking for that perfect wave.
  • Ask for Other Surfers’ Experience: Talk with the locals or other surfers you meet. Their tales and tips could be the key to unlocking the best surfing experiences.
  • Practice Paddling Technique: Keep honing your paddling skills. The better you get, the easier it’ll be to catch those waves and the more fun you’ll have out there.

Why you should use Boost Fins in every surfing adventure?

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Why you should use Boost Fins in every surfing adventure?
  • Speed Enhancement: By ramping up your board’s speed to a brisk 5mph, the Boost Fin significantly broadens your wave-catching opportunities in each session.
  • Battery Life: Engineered for endurance, the Boost Fin’s battery design can sustain a typical surf outing, lasting 60 to 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • User Control: The Boost Fin features an intuitive controller that effortlessly attaches to any board in under 5 minutes or can be conveniently held. It allows precise power management, with a long press for continuous speed or a quick tap for a brief 2-second surge, putting the power of the waves literally at your fingertips.
  • Compatibility: The Boost Fin is compatible with a wide range of boards, including shortboards, longboards, soft-top foam, and stand-up paddleboards.

This innovative accessory aims to make water sports more accessible and enjoyable by reducing the physical effort required to paddle and catch waves. Thus, it will open up the joys of surfing and paddling to a broader audience.

Surfing in Florida with Boost Fins

Surfing in Florida is like stepping into a vibrant painting, where every stroke is a wave, and the canvas stretches as far as the eye can see. The warm sun, crystal-clear waters, and gentle breezes create a surfer’s paradise.

Heading into this adventure prepared can transform a good surf trip into an extraordinary one. Researching the best spots, understanding the local weather patterns, and preparing your gear can lead you to success.

Gear up, paddle less, and surf more with Boost Fin now.

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