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Welcome to the guide on Burleigh Heads surf, an iconic destination on Australia’s Gold Coast renowned for its exhilarating surf and mesmerizing beauty. For surfers, from beginners to experts, we aim to provide an overview that covers everything from perfect surfing conditions to the best locations along this picturesque shoreline.

Is Burleigh Heads Good for Surfing?

Absolutely, Burleigh Heads is an outstanding surfing destination. It is located on Australia’s Gold Coast, it is celebrated for its world-class right-hand barrels, making it a prime location for surf enthusiasts

Burleigh Heads surfing offers a unique blend of consistent waves and a welcoming surf culture, attracting a diverse range of surfers, from novices to the experienced. The area’s natural beauty enhances the overall experience, making it a preferred choice for those seeking both challenge and enjoyment in their surfing adventures. This spot’s reputation as a top surfing destination is well-earned, providing surfers with memorable experiences throughout the year.

How Big are the Waves at Burleigh Heads?

Burleigh Heads, situated on Australia’s Gold Coast, is a fairly exposed point break known for its consistent wave activity. Let’s dive into the details of the wave sizes and surfing environment.

How Big are the Waves at Burleigh Heads?

Burleigh Heads boasts a fairly exposed point break that usually has waves. The area is influenced by a mix of groundswells and wind swells, with the best direction being from the South Southeast. Good surfing can be enjoyed at all tide stages, although the spot can get crowded. Surfers should know about hazards like rips, rocks, and sharks.

  • Optimal Surf Conditions: The ideal conditions for surfing at Burleigh Heads occur with a South-southeast swell and an offshore wind from the Southwest.
  • Best Time for Surfing: Winter is the prime time for surfing at Burleigh Heads, particularly in June. This period offers consistent, clean waves, rideable swells, and light or offshore winds. Clean surfable waves are found about 13% of the time in June, with conditions being blown out 12% of the time. Most of the time (75%), the waves are typically too small for advanced surfers but may still be suitable for beginners.
  • Wave Quality: The surfable waves at Burleigh Heads are known to hold up well for longer rides in cross-offshore, offshore, or light wind conditions. However, about 12% of the time, the waves are poorer in quality due to onshore or windy conditions, and 75% of the time, they are considered too small for good surfing, as reported by Surf Forecast.

Is Burleigh Heads Safe to Swim?

Certainly, Burleigh Heads offers a safe swimming environment, but like any coastal area, the key to a safe and enjoyable swimming experience here lies in awareness and precaution.

While the waters are generally welcoming, swimmers should be mindful of the natural elements, such as strong rips and rocks. Occasional shark sightings also call for cautious swimming. Adhering to safety protocols, especially swimming in patrolled areas, is crucial for a secure and enjoyable experience. The beauty of Burleigh Heads in its waters invites everyone for a refreshing swim, provided you respect the ocean’s power and embrace the guidance of local safety measures.

Top 7 Burleigh Heads Surf Spots

Exploring the top surf spots at Burleigh Heads reveals a diverse range of waves suitable for all skill levels. This guide delves into each unique spot, providing insights to enhance your experience at surf Burleigh Heads, whether you seek thrilling barrels or gentler waves.

1. Kirra

Kirra, celebrated as the Gold Coast’s surf scene poster boy, stands out with its exceptional right breaks. This spot, once overshadowed by Burleigh Heads, now offers superior surfing experiences, thanks to the sand-bulging point near the Tweed River estuary. The series of breaks running from Snapper Rocks into the Kirra Groyne can sometimes connect, offering a rare but unparalleled surfing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner, surfing Kirra Beach promises an unforgettable experience with its impressive waves and stunning coastal views.

  • Launch Points: The main take-off zones surround Snapper Rocks and the Kirra Groyne, providing varied sections for different surfing styles.
  • Type of Water: Kirra features a mix of hollow and mellow waves, suitable for different skill levels and surf preferences.
  • Ideal for: While the spot caters to various surfing abilities, it’s particularly loved by those who enjoy challenging right-hand breaks and are looking for a potentially life-defining ride.

2. The Cove

The Cove at Burleigh Heads is renowned for its powerful waves carrying some of the outer section’s intensity. Located where the coast curves into the bay, it offers some shelter from direct swells, setting the stage for impressive barrel sections on good days.

  • Launch Points: Surfers typically enter from the edges of the bay, where the coast starts to curve, giving direct access to the heart of The Cove.
  • Type of Water: The water here is characterized by its big barreling waves, offering a slightly tamed yet challenging surf experience.
  • Ideal for: This spot is perfect for surfers who enjoy navigating substantial barrels and are looking for a mix of thrill and skillful wave riding. It’s particularly appealing to those who can handle the Cove’s intensity and are looking to link up with the rides at The Point.
The Cove

3. The Point

The Point is the beating heart of Burleigh Heads, one of the best surf spot in Australia. Surfers flock to this location for its famous long-walling rides. One of its standout features is the potential for extended tube rides, making it a favorite among experienced surfers looking for an adrenaline rush. Keep in mind that its popularity means it can get quite crowded during peak surf times, so timing your visit well is key to scoring the best waves.

  • Launch Points: There are multiple entry points along the beach, but the primary launch point is from the sand near the Burleigh Heads Surf Life Saving Club. Another popular entry point is from the Burleigh Point Headland.
  • Type of Water: The Point at Burleigh Heads offers a mix of right and left-hand breaks, with long-walling rides and the potential for extended tubes. The waves here are typically suitable for both shortboarders and longboarders.
  • Ideal for: The Point is ideal for experienced surfers looking for long rides and the thrill of catching tubes. It can be crowded during peak surf times, so it’s best for those comfortable in crowded lineups.
The Point

4. Rock Break

If you’re seeking a more peaceful and less crowded surfing experience, Rock Break is the place to be. This surf spot is best enjoyed at high tide and on smaller wave days, offering a tranquil environment for surfers. While it may not have the same level of intensity as other nearby breaks, Rock Break still provides enjoyable waves and a chance to connect with the natural beauty of the ocean without the crowds.

  • Type of Water: Rock Break is known for offering quieter surf conditions, often best at high tide and on smaller wave days. The waves here are usually less intense compared to some of the more popular surf breaks at Burleigh Heads.
  • Ideal for: Rock Break is ideal for surfers seeking a peaceful and less crowded experience. It’s a great spot for those looking for a relaxed session, and it’s suitable for surfers of various skill levels, including beginners.
Rock Break

5. Currumbin Alley

Though not celebrated as other Gold Coast breaks, Currumbin Alley stands out for its quality, especially when conditions are big. Suitable for all levels of surfers, the Alley offers diverse wave conditions, ranging from waist-high to double overhead. The point break is accessible from a beachfront car park, making it convenient for surfers. The presence of rocks at the take-off point challenges the surfing experience.

  • Launch Points: Famous point break, visible from the Gold Coast Highway.
  • Type of Water: Swell directions ideal are ENE, E, SE, and SSE with SW-W winds. Surf height can range from waist-high to double overhead.
  • Ideal for: All abilities, from beginner to advanced. It is best at low tide and is accessible from the beachfront car park.
Currumbin Alley

6. Sharkies

Nestled at the iconic Burleigh Heads, Sharkies is a surf spot that has garnered a reputation for being a thrilling and demanding challenge for surf enthusiasts. This spot, often compared to a smaller version of the infamous Jaws, offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. The waves here are proof of the raw power of nature, sculpted by the southeast swells. It’s a place where the ocean’s might is both respected and celebrated, a spot where only the most skilled surfers dare to tread.

  • Launch Points: A beach paddle out at the outside point.
  • Type of Water: Powerful, lippy, and almost hollow waves.
  • Ideal for: Highly experienced surfers seeking a challenging ride.

7. The Spit

This is an exposed river break on the Gold Coast, known for its consistent surf primarily from groundswells. The best swell direction is from the east, which works best in offshore wind from the northwest. The river breaks consist mainly of lefts. This spot is suitable for surfing at all tide stages but is often crowded. Surfers should take care of the potential dangers like sharks, rips, and rocks.

  • Launch Points: Exposed river break on the Gold Coast.
  • Type of Water: Consistent surf from groundswells, best swell direction from the east.
  • Ideal for: Offshore winds from the northwest. Good surf at all stages of the tide but often crowded. Surfers should be wary of sharks, rips, rocks, and obstacles.

Each spot offers unique waves and challenges for a thrilling ride or a more relaxed wave; there’s a spot for everyone.

The Spit

Where to Rent a Surfboard at Burleigh Heads?

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting out, we have the perfect surfboard rental options.

  • Tradewind Surf: Tradewind Surf has been in the surf retail business for 15 years and now offers mobile surf hire. They stand out by delivering the surfboard right to you and picking it up afterward. Their selection includes everything from beginner boards to performance surfboards. Prices start from $60 for a day, and they also have options for stand-up paddleboards and bodyboards.
  • Gold Coast Surfboard Hire: This service is run by surfers who know what you want. They offer a wide range of boards and provide free delivery to your accommodation in Gold Coast. This option is perfect for those on vacation and for work trip visitors who might find time to hit the waves. Just choose your board online, specify the delivery time and location, and you’re all set.
  • Surfboard Hire Gold Coast: You’ll find a variety of surfboards to suit all skill levels in this store, along with wetsuits and bodyboards. They service the entire Gold Coast area and offer free delivery to multiple locations, including Burleigh Heads.
  • Action Outdoor Hire: Located in Palm Beach, this is another good option for surfboard rentals. They offer a range of boards and are conveniently situated for those staying in or near Burleigh Heads.

With the ideal board, every wave you catch is a story to tell. Therefore, embrace the ocean, and create unforgettable memories at Burleigh Heads.

Where to Stay When Surfing in Burleigh Heads?

Embark on your surfing adventure at Burleigh Heads with a selection of accommodations that address every need and preference.

1. Bujerum Apartments on Burleigh

Situated directly opposite the enchanting Burleigh Beach, these unique self-contained two and three-bedroom apartments blend modern luxury and beachside charm. Here, you’ll find all the amenities of a high-quality hotel combined with the comforts of home, including WiFi, air conditioning, and fully equipped kitchens. Just a stone’s throw from Burleigh Head National Park and local shopping districts, Bujerum Apartments offer an immersive experience in one of Gold Coast’s most scenic locations.

  • Type: Self-contained two and three-bedroom apartments
  • Budget Range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: Directly opposite Burleigh Beach, close to Burleigh Head National Park and local shopping districts
Bujerum Apartments on Burleigh

2. Burleigh Beach Tourist Park

Ideal for families and solo adventurers, this tourist park is a haven for those seeking a connection with nature and community. Choose from various accommodation options, from accessible cabins to caravan and tent sites. Located near local shops and the National Park, this park perfectly balances beach fun and serene nature walks. It’s a place where every sunset and sunrise becomes a cherished memory.

  • Type: Cabins, powered caravan sites, unpowered tent sites
  • Budget Range: Varied, suitable for different budgets
  • Location: Across the road from the surf beach, near local shops and the National Park

3. Burleigh Esplanade Apartments

Offering the most spacious holiday apartments in the area, Burleigh Esplanade is a testament to elegant living. With each apartment providing breathtaking panoramic views, your stay here will be marked by moments of awe and tranquility. Whether you’re watching the surfers dance on the waves or gazing at the distant hinterlands, these apartments are a sanctuary of peace and beauty.

  • Type: Spacious one, two, and three-bedroom holiday apartments
  • Budget Range: Mid to high-end
  • Location: On the beach at Burleigh Heads, panoramic ocean views
Burleigh Esplanade Apartments

4. 2nd Avenue Beachside Apartments

Moments from the sand and surf, these modern apartments are a surfer’s dream. They offer a place to stay and an experience – with wrap-around balconies, stunning ocean views, and facilities like tennis courts and pools. It’s a space to rejuvenate and rekindle your passion for the ocean.

  • Type: Modern oceanfront apartments
  • Budget Range: Mid-range
  • Location: Close to the sand and surf of Burleigh Heads

Embracing the Waves at Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads surf emerges as a serene destination with ideal surfing spots for surfers at every level. This place’s pristine beaches and welcoming waves offer a perfect playground for those embracing the surf lifestyle. And for those looking to enhance their experience, consider trying out Boost Surfing’s innovative technology, designed to elevate your surfing performance. This fin is an electric fin that can be easily attached to any board in 5 minutes. It also comes with a remote and an app for customizable settings, significantly contributing to enhancing your experience on the water with speed.

Plan your visit to Burleigh Heads and consider Boost Surfing to embrace the spirit of one of Australia’s most enchanting surf destinations and experience the joy of surfing in perfect harmony with nature.

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