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North Stradbroke Island, or Straddie as the locals call it, is a surfer’s paradise for all levels, embodying the quintessential Stradbroke Island surf experience. Located just 30 km off Brisbane’s coast, the island boasts stunning beaches, crystal clear water, and consistent waves all year round. Ideal for both a relaxing getaway and a thrilling adventure, Straddie caters to every surfer’s dream. This guide offers insights into the best surfing spots in North Stradbroke Island, board rental options, and accommodation choices.

An Overview Of North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island, also known as Straddie, is a surfer’s paradise suitable for all skill levels. Situated only 30 km away from Brisbane’s coast, the island boasts breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and consistent waves throughout the year. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an exhilarating escapade, Straddie has something for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of what North Stradbroke Island has to offer:

1. Location and access

North Stradbroke Island is a large sand island off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It is part of the Gold Coast region and can be reached by ferry or water taxi from Cleveland or Dunwich.

2. Surfing conditions

North Stradbroke Island has several surf spots, but the most popular one is Main Beach, an exposed beach break that offers consistent waves all year round.

  • The best wind direction is from the west-northwest.
  • The best swell direction is from the south-southeast.

The beach breaks can produce lefts and rights and are suitable for all levels of surfers.

Surfing conditions

3. Surf report

The surf forecast for Main Beach in North Stradbroke Island indicates a moderate swell of 2.5 feet with a 12-second period, complemented by a secondary swell of 2 feet and a 6-second period. Conditions are enhanced by a light offshore wind blowing from the east, and the sea temperature is a pleasant 74°F. The forecast suggests an upcoming increase in swell size to 3.5 feet with a 6-second period, accompanied by winds from the north-northeast, promising favorable conditions for surfing for this spring season.

For a more accurate and up-to-date surf report and forecasts, you can visit Surf-Forecast.com to access information about nearby surf breaks. This includes wave consistency and rating, current swell conditions from local buoys, and live wind speed and direction from nearby weather stations.

4. Surf cam

You can check out the live surf cam images of Main Beach – North Stradbroke Island to see the wave conditions and the crowd. The surf cam is updated every 10 minutes, showing a panoramic view of the beach and ocean.

Stradbroke Island Surf Condition

Before you hit the waves, it’s good to know what to expect from the surf conditions on Stradbroke Island. Here are some factors to consider:

Surfing Ability Level

Stradbroke Island has a variety of breaks that suit different skill levels, from beginners to experts. Some of the most popular spots are Main Beach, Cylinder Beach, and Point Lookout.

  • Main Beach is a long stretch of sand with powerful waves that can be challenging for inexperienced surfers.
  • Cylinder Beach is a sheltered bay with gentle waves that are ideal for learning and having fun.
  • Point Lookout is a rocky headland with several breaks that offer fast and hollow waves for advanced surfers.

Local Vibe

Stradbroke Island boasts a rich history and a vibrant surfing culture. The local vibe can be a bit intense, but showing humility and respect to the islanders can go a long way. By adhering to surfing rules and etiquette, you can enjoy your time on the island without any issues. Who knows, you might even make some new friends while you’re here!

Local Vibe

Crowd Factor

Stradbroke Island is not as crowded as some of the other surfing destinations in Queensland, but it can still get busy during peak seasons and weekends. The best time to surf is early morning or late afternoon when the crowds are thinner and the light is better. Avoid surfing at the same spot as everyone else and explore the island for hidden gems.


Parking is usually not an issue on Stradbroke Island, as there are plenty of spots near the beaches and the town. However, you might have to pay a fee or a permit to park in some areas, especially during holidays and events. Check the signs and regulations before parking, and don’t leave valuables in your car.

Shoulder Burn

Shoulder burn is the soreness and fatigue you feel in your arms and shoulders after paddling for a long time. Stradbroke Island has long, powerful waves that can make you paddle hard and fast, so be prepared to feel the burn. To avoid shoulder burn, warm up before you surf, stretch after you surf, and take breaks in between sessions. You can also use a surfboard that suits your size and style and has enough volume and buoyancy to help you glide through the water.

Water Quality

The water quality on Stradbroke Island is generally good, as the island is surrounded by clean and clear ocean water. However, there might be some pollution or contamination from runoff, sewage, or marine life, especially after heavy rain or storms. To avoid getting sick or infected, check the water quality reports before you surf, avoid surfing near river mouths or drains, and rinse off after you surf.

NOTE: You can also wear earplugs, nose clips, and a rash guard to protect yourself from irritants and bacteria.


Surfing on Stradbroke Island can be fun and safe but comes with risks and hazards.

  • Some of the common hazards are rocks, reefs, rips, currents, sharks, jellyfish, and bluebottles. To avoid these hazards ⇒ Surf within your limits, follow the surf safety advice of lifeguards and locals, and be aware of your surroundings.
  • You can also wear a helmet, booties, and a leash to protect yourself from injuries and accidents.


Accessing the surf spots on Stradbroke Island is relatively easy, as most of them are close to the road or the town. You can drive, walk, bike, or catch a bus to get to the beaches. However, some spots might require a longer walk or a 4WD vehicle to reach, especially on the island’s eastern side.

Tip: Ensure you have a map or guide; don’t trespass on private property or restricted areas.

Top 5 North Stradbroke Island Surf Spots

Now that you know what to expect from the surf conditions on Stradbroke Island, it’s time to check out some of the best spots to catch some waves. Here are our top 5 picks, in no particular order:

1. Main Beach

Main Beach is the longest and most exposed beach on Stradbroke Island, stretching for 32 km along the eastern coast. It faces the open ocean and picks up any swell that comes its way, making it a consistent and powerful spot. The beach has several peaks and sandbanks that create different types of waves, from hollow barrels to long walls.

Main Beach

The best swell direction is from the east to the southeast, and the best wind direction is from the west to the southwest. The prime time to catch waves is during a mid to high tide, with winter offering the most consistent surfing conditions. Waves at Main Beach are suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers because they can be large and heavy.

NOTE: It can also be dangerous, with strong rips, currents, and sharks. For safety, it’s always wise to surf alongside a buddy.

2. Cylinder Beach

Cylinder Beach is a sheltered bay on the northern side of Point Lookout, protected by a rocky headland. It has a gentle and fun wave that breaks over a sand bottom, making it a great spot for beginners and long boarders. The wave is usually small and mellow but can get bigger and faster with the right swell and wind.

Cylinder Beach

The optimum wind direction is from the south to the southwest, while the best swell direction is from the northeast to the east. The finest tides are low to mid-tide, and the ideal time of year is summer. Cylinder Beach is a popular and family-friendly destination with local lifeguards, facilities, and services.

NOTE: It might get crowded, especially on weekends and holidays, so keep an eye out for locals and share the waves.

3. Point Lookout

Point Lookout is the surfing mecca of Stradbroke Island, with several world-class breaks along the rocky headland. It has a variety of waves, from fast and hollow tubes to long and peeling walls. South Gorge, Deadmans, and Frenchmans are the most famous spots, but other lesser-known gems exist.

Point Lookout

For the best waves, you’ll want an east to southeast swell and a west to southwest wind. The sweet spot for tides is somewhere between mid and high, and winter tends to offer the prime surfing conditions. The waves around Point Lookout are a bit of a challenge, best tackled by the experienced surfers — they can get pretty intense. It’s a popular spot, especially on those beautiful days, so remember to keep it friendly and patient in the lineup.

4. Amity Point

Amity Point is a small and quiet village on the western side of Stradbroke Island, facing Moreton Bay. It has a mellow and friendly wave that breaks over sand and rock bottom, making it a good spot for beginners and families. The wave is usually small and soft but can get bigger and steeper with the right swell and wind.

Amity Point

The optimal conditions for swell at Amity Point come from the east to northeast, while the most favorable winds blow from the south to southeast. The surf is at its best during low to mid tide, particularly in the summer months. As a tranquil and picturesque spot, Amity Point offers more than just great surf; it’s a place where you can frequently spot dolphins, turtles, and dugongs frolicking in the ocean.

However, be aware that it can get quite busy, especially during weekends and holidays. So remember to respect others and, most importantly, enjoy the experience.

5. Flinders Beach

Flinders Beach is a long and secluded beach between Amity Point and Point Lookout on the southern side of Stradbroke Island. It has a fun and punchy wave that breaks over a sand bottom, making it a good spot for intermediate surfers. The wave is usually small and clean but can get bigger and messier with the right swell and wind.

Flinders Beach

Ideal waves roll in from the east to southeast, while favorable winds originate from the west to southwest. Surf conditions are prime at mid to high tide, particularly during winter. Flinders Beach offers a serene getaway with its surrounding nature, abundant wildlife, and camping spots. It’s often quiet, especially on weekdays, providing a perfect opportunity for solitude. Remember, safety first – always surf with a companion.

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Where to Rent a Surfboard at North Stradbroke Island?

If you don’t have a surfboard or want to try something different, you can rent a surfboard at North Stradbroke Island. Several places offer surfboard rentals, such as:

1. North Stradbroke Island Surf School

This surf school also rents out surfboards, wetsuits, and other surfing equipment. They have a range of boards, from soft to hard boards and short to long boards. They also offer surfing lessons, tours, and camps for all levels and ages. You can find them at 9 Boreen Street, Point Lookout.

2. Bob Minty Surfboards

This surf shop also rents out surfboards, bodyboards, and other accessories. They have a variety of boards, from beginner boards to performance boards and from retro boards to modern boards. They also sell surfboards, clothing, and souvenirs. You can find them at 1/15 East Coast Road, Point Lookout.

3. Manta Lodge & Scuba Centre:

This scuba diving centre also rents out surfboards, bikes, GoPros, and snorkel gear. They have a selection of boards, from foam boards to epoxy boards and mini-malls to fish boards.

Where to stay when surfing in North Stradbroke Island?

There are a few accommodation options available on Stradbroke Island. Here are a few places you might consider for your stay:

1. Mintee 1

This accommodation can host up to 8 guests with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is located at 18 Cutter St, Point Lookout, QLD. The price starts from $255 per night.

Mintee 1

2. Banksia Beach House

This beach house can accommodate 6 guests with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It is located at 18 George Nothling Drive, Point Lookout, QLD. The price starts from $225 per night.

3. Point Lookout townhouse

This is a luxury townhouse located at Point Lookout with magnificent views. It has three levels, with each of the three bedrooms having its own bathroom. The townhouse comfortably sleeps six, and a trundle bed will cater for a seventh guest.

4. Complete Straddie Beach Retreat

This loft villa is just 2 minutes’ walk from the home beach. It’s perfect for a couple or a family of 4. The price is $137 per night.

5. Central Studio

This studio in central Point Lookout is perfect for a couple or a family of 4. It’s a 5-minute walk to all beaches and shops. The price is about $97 per night.

6. Stradbroke Island Hotel and a few resorts.

During summer, many visitors prefer to go camping on the beach, where they can have fires and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Stradbroke Island Hotel offers a range of accommodations.

The price for a standard hotel room starts from $180 per night, while the price for an ocean view deluxe hotel room starts from $230 per night.

For a more luxurious stay, they offer 3-bedroom ocean view apartments from $575 per night, and 4-bedroom apartments from $880 per night.

Stradbroke Island Hotel and a few resorts.

Where to eat when surfing in North Stradbroke Island?

  • If you’re looking for delicious seafood and burgers, Fishes at the Point is the perfect place. Their salt and pepper calamari and mega-sized beef burger are some of their best dishes. And if you’re in the mood for quick and easy takeaway fish and chips, Fins ‘N’ Fries is a local favorite. Just remember to ask for chicken salt!
  • Straddie Roadhouse’s crispy Flathead wrap is fresh, great value, and delicious despite being a little further away.
  • Although these are our top three picks, we must mention Chillers Cafe’s excellent pizzas and the Straddie Pub’s stunning view.
  • The Point Bar is a hidden gem at Point Lookout SLSC, offering breathtaking views of the island. It’s usually open on most weekend afternoons from around 2 pm. The bar’s back deck provides an amazing vantage point, overlooking South Gorge all the way to Main Beach.

Wrap up

North Stradbroke Island, a premier Stradbroke Island surf destination, offers stunning scenery and exceptional surfing conditions for all levels. With diverse surf spots ranging from challenging waves at Main Beach to gentler swells at Cylinder Beach, it caters to every surfer’s preference.

To elevate your surfing experience, consider our Boost Surfing products for your visit. We offer Boost Fin – an electric fin that can help surfers catch more waves, surf longer, and have more fun. This fin benefit seasoned surfers in maximizing their wave counts and assist beginners in learning faster and overcoming the fear of big waves. Happy surfing!

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