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A totally new way of paddling. Game changer for your paddle board.

11500+ pre-orders and counting on kickstarter and indiegogo!

3 Reasons To Try Boost Fin With Your SUP:

Explore the ocean

Feel the freedom of exploration with the SUP Assistance mode.

Paddle with ease

Forget about the weather and enjoy your session in any conditions with the wind/current resistance mode.

Rest whenever you want

When you just want to relax, drop the paddle and use Trolling mode to enjoy a restful ride.

How Does It Work?

Hooks up to any SUP in 5 minutes.

We made a bunch of adapters so the Boost Fin can fit any SUP board. The Longboard Adapter comes with the package by default. Adapters for SUP (Slide-in Adapter), FCS, Futures, Soft Top, and many others are available if you have a different fin slot.


The power is in your hands.

Wear the remote control on your wrist, shoulder, or paddle. Press button A for Short Boost and button B for Long Boost.

Technical specifications

Weight: 2.7 lb (nearly 1200g);

Measurement: 10.5”*9”*3.5”;

Materials: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer,ABS Plastic;

Max thrust: 20 lbs;

Speed: Up to 5 mph;

Buoyancy: − 0.7 lb;

Battery type: Li-ion 3500 mAh, 24 V, 84 Wh;

Power: Up to 800 W;

Remote: 433 mhz.